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Our family at the barn venue

Phil and Jackie


Our Story

We met while attending OSU.   We married and work with Phil's family on their dairy farm.  Later Phil and his family started Ohio River Shipper's and I started to work for the United States Postal Service.  All three of our kids also graduated from OSU.  Our daughter was married at the Stadium and our youngest married in New Hampshire.  Our other son wanted to get married at our place so we decided to build a barn.  We started clearing ground in April of 2022. We finished just in time for Jake's wedding May 2023.  We enjoyed the building process and putting our life in the barn.  Saw blades from Phil's mill hang on the wall.  An old grain elevator from OSU we turned into a light fixture.  When we were first married we grew tobacco so we have a wall of tobacco sticks.  Milking cows was how we met, so we have lights from old milking units as well.  The other lights were made from old tractor and wagon tires.  Still other lights we made from antiques friends gave us.  All the wood was milled at Phil's business.  We loved the year we spent building this barn and hope you will love it as much as we do.

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